Three High Yield Corporate Bond ETFs For 2012

As confidence in a sustainable economic recovery continues to remain wary, unemployment remains high, the equity markets remain volatile and consumer demand grows at a snail’s pace, high yield corporate bonds, and the exchange traded funds that track them, could pose an opportunity for investors. 

One of the biggest reasons that these bond ETFs have appeal is the widening spread between the yields they offer as compared to those offered by US Treasuries.   Some of these high-yield instruments offer 12-month yields greater than 7% as compared to a mere 0.11% offered on a 12-month Treasury note.  Read more of this post


Emerging Markets and Precious Metals Lead August ETF Inflows

In a report released by independent investment research provider, Morningstar Inc. (MORN), asset outflows from domestic equity exchange traded funds (ETFs) contributed to net outflows of $1.3 billion from U.S. ETFs in August, ending a six-month streak of consecutive monthly inflows. Read more of this post